When was Dabur founded?

Dabur was founded as a small pharmacy in Calcutta in 1884 by Dr. S.K Burman.

Who leads the company?

Dr. Anand Burman is the Chairman of Dabur India Limited and Mr Mohit Malhotra is the CEO of the company.

In how many countries does Dabur have its distribution network and offices?

Dabur has a distribution network spread across continents and over 50 countries with offices in in Europe, America and Africa and production units in Nepal, Egypt, UK and the UAE.

What products are available in Dabur’s Hair Care range?

Dabur's Hair Care range has a selection of natural herbal products for your special hair care needs. You can view the entire product list on the Hair Care page of our site.

Where can I buy Dabur’s Hair Care products?

Dabur’s products are available on e-Commerce websites as well as South Asian Retail stores. In case you have any difficulty in finding a Dabur product, contact care@dabur.com

What tests is done of Dabur products for safety of use?

All Dabur products undergo scientific tests and Clinical Validation processes laid down under the Government’s manufacturing guidelines. Dabur’s Ayurvedic products follow the Government’s GMP norms besides strictly adhering to traditional guidelines on manufacturing of formulations.

What is the correct way to oil my hair?

Apply oil and massage your scalp gently. For best results, leave the oil overnight and wash next morning. You can also apply a steaming towel for half an hour after the massage and get shiny, lustrous hair.

How do I know if my hair loss is normal?

For a healthy person, it is normal to lose about 100 to 150 hairs in a day.

What are the causes of high hair loss?

Abnormally high hair loss can be caused by several factors, including your genetic tendency, any particular medicines, your health condition, the food you eat, environmental conditions and even stress.

Genetics – you may inherit hair loss or thinning from either parents
Medicines – Certain medicines like steroids, chemotherapies, hormonal therapies, etc. can cause hair loss
Health – If you have any deficiencies or chronic diseases like that of the thyroid gland or stomach disorders, it could cause hair loss
Food – Plays a big role in your hair’s health. Deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins lead to hair loss
Environment – Air and water pollution and contaminants can affect your hair
Stress – leads to unhealthy hair because it restricts blood supply and nutrition to the hair.

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If I pull out a white hair, will I have more white hairs growing back?

Pulling out a white hair does not cause more white hair to grow. So go ahead and pluck that silver strand if you want to.

Do hormonal changes in my body affects my hair?

Hormonal changes have a very great influence on the health of your hair. Varying hormonal levels or disruption in a woman’s monthly cycle can make her hair turn dull. Increased hormonal activity, especially during pregnancy, gives your hair a shine and luster.

My long hair has always drawn compliments. But maintaining is a problem. Should I cut them short?

It won’t take a lot of time to maintain your crowning glory. An oil pack once a week will get rid of split ends and leave your hair manageable and lustrous.

I am a college student and like to change my hair tint every few months. I have noticed that my hair is not as soft and silky as it was.

Tints may be the in-thing but they have the potential to cause great damage. They break hair protein, resulting in dry and weak hair. Rest your hair between changing hair tints. Compensate the harsh chemicals using regular treatment with a good coconut hair oil. Use a natural shampoo with henna, shikakai and green almonds which gently cleans and conditions your hair.

My hair always looks greasy, even though I wash them regularly. I like wearing trendy outfits and I want my hair to also look well-groomed.

Every time you touch your hair you might be transferring oil and dirt from your fingers. Also, using strong shampoos disturbs the pH balance of your hair and damages them. Wash your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo, containing natural ingredients such as green almonds, shikakai and henna.

How often should I oil my hair?

You should oil your hair at least twice a week. It is best to apply oil and leave it for a day before washing. Oil enriches your hair, protects it and the massaging stimulates better hair growth.